Benefits of Organic Sulfur OS

organic sulfur

 The body requires  Organic Sulfur in sufficient amounts, at least twice a day, to be healthy.

With daily ingestion, Organic Sulfur OS can help with alleviation, improvement and elimination of numerous health concerns.

Sulfur deficiency interferes with cellular respiration that can result in weakness and/or pain within muscles, joints and connective tissues.

The deficiency can also result in the body’s improper or insufficient creation of protein.  Lack of protein production greatly affects physical energy levels, thereby causing unwanted, detrimental fatigue.  This lack of cellular respiration can lead to further decreased levels of brain activity and physical movement.

Superior quality  bio-available Organic Sulfur OS  flakes absorb quickly into the body through the digestive system.  The body transports the elemental sulfur where it is needed to provide health and wellness support.


Organic Sulfur OS can play a key role in optimizing your health in the following areas:

Immunity boosting enzyme production increases/assists in overall
resistance to illness

OS promotes efficient kidney and liver functions by balancing the body
between acidity and alkalinity aiding colon therapy.

Increased growth of healthy hair and strong nails

Helps Increase tissue elasticity helping wrinkle reduction and
softens the skin

Helps with  skin care conditions such as Acne, Psoriasis, Rosacea ,Liver Spots

Helps reduce Muscle Inflammation and Joint Pain by increasing tissue flexibility

Helps alleviate chronic headaches by increasing blood circulation

Assists in reducing the irritants of airborne allergens ,pollution and food allergies
with efficient elimination of free radical and toxins

Treatment of Internal Parasites,Microbes .

Assists with proper production and regulation of insulin levels.

Helps minimize PMS symptoms

Enhancement of glandular production

Balance of acid levels, enzyme levels and hormonal levels .

Recent studies show potential improvement in the following: Cancer,
Arthritis Osteoporosis, Diverticulitis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s
disease, Autism, Emphysema, Hepatitis C, HIV and Sexual Response

Organic Sulfur OS is not a vitamin or a drug. It is classified as a food by the federal health agencies of Canada and the US. We are able to ship worldwide.

organic sulfur , organic sulfur os

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